Brigham Enterprises Inc
The Voyageur casts off into the unknown to explore and discover the wonders of the Canadian wild. Our entry level design offers a similar reward for those testing the waters of the Brigham pipe experience.
100 years is a long time, but it has allowed us to perfect our craft and offer some of the best pipes in the world today.
Identifying Features of the Voyageur
1 brass pin in classic Brigham style
Stamped with 3 digit code: 1XX where XX = shape number
Rusticated finish
Stamped "Voyageur"
Available in 12 standard shapes
Where to Buy
Smoke a Brigham, and be a part of our proud history.
Rock Maple Distillator System

Each filter is made by hollowing out the inside diameter of a 3.5” Rock Maple dowel and pressure-fitting a special metal cap to its end which helps the filter fit snugly inside the pipe while making removal simple. The manufacturing process of the filter uses no chemicals or adhesives to guarantee a taste-neutral system.

Our System
Our History

It all started in 1906 with a small pipe repair shop in Toronto, Canada owned an operated by our founder Herb Brigham. Mr. B’s pipe repair service garnered such high demand that within 10 years he was manufacturing his own pipes with a blend of quality, workmanship and value never seen before on Canadian shores. By 1935 his son Herb joined the business and as they say – the rest is history. Click below to learn more about our rich tradition in our new interactive timeline and you’ll truly understand what makes a Brigham, a Brigham.

About Us