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Pipe of the Year Series – Lowlander and Highlander

Uncategorised | June 20, 2022

Brigham Highlander and Lowlander Pipe of the Year

With only 120 each worldwide, the Brigham Highlander and Lowlander are a pipe pair that were made for each other!

The Lowlander was originally produced in 2002 as one of 10 shapes in a new era of Brigham pipes. That series was the first to be made without our traditional brass pins, instead, featuring a silver-coloured nickel cuff. Pipes were either fully smooth (700 series), partially rusticated (600 series) or fully rusticated (500 series).

Of all the shapes in the series, the Lowlander (shape #55) was an immediate success and sold out as fast as we could make them.

Keeping with the Scottish theme of the Lowlander name, we added a Celtic inspired cuff to replace the original nickel cuff and included a Piper-shape tamper.

The new shape of the Highlander was designed to be the perfect companion to the Lowlander. The Highlander is a powder horn, one of the most prized and beautifully decorated items in the Highland warrior’s kit, was the inspiration for this shape. This pipe, the second intalment in our Scottish theme, is handmade from premium briar, adorned with a peweter Celtic cuff and accompanied by a pewter Highland warrior tamper.

Both the cuff and the tamper are original designs and casts by Hoddeson U.K. artisan David Hinwood.

Each of these Limited Edition pipes are 100% free-hand and made from premium briar.

The pipe and tamper come in a Scotch-inspired tube that also acts as the certificate, hand-numbered to match the pipe inside. Each pipe is numbered from 1 to 120.